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| August 15, 2017

This was a trip of a lifetime. It is one of my 3 best vacations. At the moment it is the best as it is the freshest in my mind. The first 2 vacations were Europe and Australia.

I cannot say enough good things about the Western River guides. They worked 14-18 hours a day to ensure we were taken care of and safe. I truly appreciated the effort and interest they took in all of us. They stressed the importance of sanitation, personal hygiene, wash your hands, wash your hands... constantly. Coming from a food service and military background, I really appreciated this and knew from the beginning this was a professional operation.

The food served was excellent and considering we were in the desert inside a canyon and on a river, I was amazed. We actually had ice cream on the 4th day into the trip. The outside temperature was 106-ish most days. To pull all of this off without a hitch takes many hours and people behind the scenes that we never meet. Thank you to all of you as well.

In closing let me say Thank You to Newty, Emily, Johnny and Justin, our River Guides. I would follow you into a fire.

I look forward to doing this same trip next year, same time, with my son and some friends.

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