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Life Experience WOW!


| August 17, 2016

No camping trip I have ever been on will ever compare! And I would pay it again for another trip as organized as this was. Catering to everyone young and old and in between.

I have been dreaming of seeing the Grand Canyon for over 40 years and so very glad I got to do 2 of my bucket list items with Western River. I am also so glad that my oldest daughter was able do this with me.

The Bar 10 Ranch was just awesome, we slept under the stars that you will never see anything more beautiful then at that ranch. The folks involved are just great people and they make it a great start of our adventure. We had a wonderful time there. Then the helicopter ride down into the canyon WOW!

I don't know how many times I said WOW!

Then meeting our river raft folks, Ronnie, Jeff, Carter and Kefier. These folks are just amazing and know how to live and have fun. They all took care of us all sooooooo well and work hard to make (and did) our adventure the best memory. I will always remember them, now walking on the raft was a little easier watching them. Going through the rapids was GREAT! And sucking rubber was never so much fun!

The Grand Canyon sites and tales that we heard were an interesting and a good educational treat and good to hear. The food was awesome, WOW, how they can setup everything and it comes out great.


I can talk and show pictures to everyone but it will never be able to do the trip justice ever. You just have to do this adventure for the full affect to hit you. I'm saving now for the next trip!

Just do it!


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