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Life Time Experience


| July 14, 2016

I just completed the most amazing trip of my life and this says a lot as I have travelled to over 50 different countries. No word will convey the extraordinary feeling of spending 7 days on the Colorado River.

We all know the beauties of the Grand Canyon and I will only say that admiring the Canyon from the bottom offers a point of view that you simply cannot get otherwise. Our guides Latimer, Travis, Craig and Justin make us feel like kings and queens. They are amongst the best and most caring guides that I have had a chance to meet.

Going down the Colorado rapids is not for everyone as it can be tiring but for everyone who wants to live a life-time experience, choose Western. You will not regret it.

Thank you Latimer and your fine team. Thank you also to Brian and Jen who accompanied the group and made their voices sounds like angels singing the beauties of the Grand Canyon.

Colorado River Rafting

Grand Canyon - 6 or 7 Day Vacation
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