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Memorable Camp and Raftmates


| June 27, 2014

Howdy y'all! Damian and I had a blast on our trip through Cataract Canyon... even though we never did see any waterfalls! 

Our Western River guides, Kelly and Casey, were very knowledgeable and always kept up a positive attitude - even in the burning midday sun with a bunch of cranky campers who wanted to see a waterfall. The Dollhouse hike was definitely a highlight - thanks for taking us, Casey (sorry Damian! and sorry to everyone on the beach who got stuck in the sandstorm!). Even though we only had rapids one day of the four we were there, they were really fun - ESPECIALLY if you were able to get a seat up front (sometimes not easy to do - ha ha).

Anyway, most of all we want to say thank you to (sorry in advance if I spell your name wrong) Edie & Edie, Sandy, Caleb, Kevin, Dan, Megan, Roger, Bonnie, Debbie, Dick and Mike for being the best camp-and-raft mates anyone could ask for! It's because of you guys that this rafting trip turned out to be as memorable as it was. We know we were very lucky to have such a fun bunch of people out there with us. Stay in touch everyone!

Jess & Damian - NJ
Utah Rafting - Cataract Canyon Classic

Western River Rafting Trip
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