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More Than I Dreamed It Could Be!


| November 29, 2016

I have a lot of food allergies, plus an allergy to bee stings and I think I worried all of our Guides! But they were so great, thinking ahead to meals and snacks, helping make sure I was okay with the food served. I think they were relieved at the end when we hadn't had to use any of the 4 epi pens I brought with!

From the start, at Boulder City on the plane, to the Bar 10 Ranch and helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon was more of a thrill than I can put into words. The rafting trip was so much fun, rapids and the views of the Canyon side walls was beyond words! The camping was rustic but great fun! Helping to load and unload the rafts, set up our cots and tents, help set up chairs for meals so such a tiny part of the whole experience.

The best part was not having to fix a meal! The food was great! I just can't say enough about the guides and the care they took of me and the concern making sure I had the best experience! I know the others in my group felt the same way!

Thank You so much for the trip of a lifetime!

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