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There Are No Words That Could Adequately Describe This Amazing Experience


| October 28, 2016

This was my first time visiting the Grand Canyon. Always wanted to do it but it, quite honestly, did not even make my bucket list. This year, (my 60th), quite by chance, I had the opportunity to join an adventurous group of (now) friends on your 6 night rafting/camping/hiking/waterfall....etc. etc. adventure. No longer need a bucket list. This experience was a once in a lifetime adventure. Thanks SO MUCH to Lucky and Parker from Western River Expeditions for making this my most treasured travel/adventure memory...and trust me, I've had a few!!!

If you have a bucket list, put this one first. If you don't, and have only one opportunity, make this it!!!

In deepest Appreciation,

Kathleen, (the Canadian)

P.S. My apologies to Patrick...I mean Parker. My memory for names is unfortunately on the level of Dory from 'Finding Nemo' :)

This memory will last a lifetime.

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