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| October 17, 2011

Our guides were amazing and professional.  One incident stands out in my mind.  The water was very high and Lava Falls was big.  We crashed over the first monster wave and started up the next when I felt that not all was as it should be.  I looked back to see that the motor was shut off and Marty was bent over it doing something.  We began to go sideways through the waves.  Every few moments Marty would look down stream then go back to the motor.  When he saw something that got his attention he restarted the motor and turned the boat again.  I later learned that a safety rope or chain had tangled on the motor allowing it to turn only one way. Marty had never experienced this problem but kept his cool.  When he couldn't correct it immediately he restarted and used what he had to keep us safe.  While this was going on Parker was also amazing.  When we crested the second wave, no longer straight, a woman riding the bow lost her grip and was thrown onto her back.  As we dropped into the trough Parker suddenly appeared at her side, helped her back into position then amazingly appeared elsewhere keeping everyone safe.  These two people kept everything together so well that almost nobody realized they had dealt with a near disaster in the middle of the largest rapid.  Marty and Parker were an amazing team the entire trip. Marty the perfect boatman and gentleman.  Parker, who was all things to all people.
Nadine says - The Guides, the Food, the Canyon, the Hikes, the River.  It was all PERFECT.

Forrest - Central Point, OR
Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day
5 stars
Western River Rafting Trip
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