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Over the Top


| August 21, 2017


I admit that I have been on "day trip" rafting trips before. So my expectations were probably skewed a bit, intensity wise. The more relaxed pace of the trip was different than I had expected. But it was really a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of the "gotta make the money to pay the bills" life that most of us live these days. The river guides that were assigned to our trip were outstanding. Their diverse knowledge of the Grand Canyon, and their energetic "how can I help you have a good time" individual personalities were really a breath of fresh air.

And the food... OMG!

Before the start of our particular trip I had heard that the temps were going to be extreme, and the nights on the river camping, etc... So I figured that maybe I might actually lose a couple pounds. The food was beyond belief... I Actually Gained three pounds...LOL... The guides were great chefs, as well as entertainers. And made over the top accommodations to whatever special needs arose during the trip. Whether it was medicine storage or picky eaters, etc. Fresh pineapple, FRESH green salad, shrimp cocktail, New York strip steak, spaghetti with real meat sauce...

FAR beyond expectations in the BEST way possible.

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