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Perfect Honeymoon Ride!


| November 16, 2016

We had an awesome trip with great people and the best Guides ever (Evan, Parker, Steph and Johnny). Some things we will not forget about: "Hold on, don't die!", "Sosh two hands!", "So you have seen a full moon yesterday night, Lennart ;)!", "Fireline!", "The Parker Style!"- Thank you so much for an epic Honeymoon, we had a great time!

To future guests: Dont worry about animals or no toilet privacy- you will not have much but the little you have is really ok. Wear decent walking sandals (Meru or reeve f.e.) even on the boat. Watershoes keep the feet all day wet, which is not really comfortable. Also bring decent raingear, we even wore cat-sailing gear. A two piece raingear, like you would wear for a walk is ok, but will not keep you dry.

Hold on, don't die!

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