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Rafting Trip


| November 17, 2017

I LOVED this rafting trip! Being in the Grand Canyon and on the Colorado River for 3 days was surreal. It was a unique, beautiful, fun and memorable 3 days!

I came with my dad, brother, and two teenage nieces, and then we were with a larger group of 27 people. We all loved it!

The whole experience was wonderful and so well run. The transportation (buses, plane, helicopter, rafts, and jet boat) and logistics (bags for our gear, meals set up, cots/chairs/sleeping bags) were all great, the guides were exceptional, the food was fantastic, and the scenery was amazing. It was definitely a "roughing it" trip for me with the hot weather, cold water, outdoor toilet, etc., but it was all worth it. Thanks for such a memorable trip!

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