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Returned to a Natural Life


| August 12, 2016

I've traveled many places, and this is the most enjoyable, exciting, engaging trip ever.

The highly trained guides are inspiring role models for engagement in the moment, in life, in professional immersion. As they interpret how to experience the Colorado River, the community forms immediately -- without regard to the artificial outside world's social status. The typical American greeting, "What do you do?" is not the question on the River. The questions are more meaningful and collaborative: "What are you seeing?" "How (truly) are you?" "What is fun, and is this fun for you?" "What did you learn today?"

I've just returned from the trip -- and have already booked a next trip on the River.

(It's important to note that the J-rig boat and the care of the guides makes this a trip that many people can take. Talk to the Western River folks to find out if this expedition is accessible to you. You might be pleasantly surprised, and facing the adventure of a lifetime.)

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