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| July 22, 2016

I had so much fun on this trip!! There was awesome scenery, fantastic hikes and sights to see, very fun rapids, and enough down time to really relax and enjoy.

The row boats were fun, but for more excitement you can choose to go in a 1 or 2 man kayak if you want - that was so fun!! The first 2 days we needed bug spray, but then it wasn't really needed.

The food was so good! The guides (2 guys and 3 girls) are so strong and rowed us for 5 days! They are very entertaining, excellent cooks, and very knowledgeable. We became a family, the 23 passengers and 5 guides. At the end we didn't want to go our separate ways. The only thing that made us want to was the desire for a shower that wasn't in the river :)

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