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Southwest Sampler, A Sampling of Many Enjoyable Adventures.


| April 24, 2013

As a Grandma, I decided to take each of my grandchildren on an enjoyable adventure trip when they turned 10 years old.  My goal was to have each child have a memory of time spent with Grandma. This year will be the fourth Southwest Sampler trip with the last of the four grandchildren. Western River Expeditions has given all of us many good memories, they have looked after us well. The Hummer Sunset Safari ride was the scariest part of the adventure for me, but all the grandchildren have loved it. The Southwest Sampler package has been well planned with every piece of the package, and the staff are great!  It is a good taste of what Moab can give anyone. My Grandson has been wishing that he was ten for the last two years, just to go on this enjoyable adventure!  I know that we will have a great time in Moab, Utah. Deana - California Southwest Sampler
Western River Rafting Trip
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