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Spectacular! Grand Canyon Vacation


| August 24, 2012

There are so many reasons why this Grand Canyon vacation was the most incredible experience ever... the guides, the scenery, the adventure, the rapids, the camaraderie, the hiking, the camping and of course, the time spent with my son combined to make these 6 days in the Grand Canyon simply "spectacular"!

Yet, unlike any place I have been to before, I now feel like I am part of something bigger... part of the river... part of a history of bravery, tragedy, triumph and discovery... and no "vacation" has ever left me with these feelings before!

Even as I sit here typing on my computer nearly 2,500 miles away, the river is relentless...churning, twisting, pulling me in, drawing me back...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you WRE!

Jeff & Eli Oliphant
Orange, CT
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day

Western River Rafting Trip
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