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The Second Time Around – Spectacular


| August 18, 2010

I took this Grand Canyon Rafting trip about 16 years ago and that experience was an absolute thrill so knew if I ever decided to do it again, I was pretty sure it would be just as thrilling.  Well I was right.  This trip was amazing.  The crew, lead boatman Ben Hanel, second boatman Kelly and swabbies Parker and Des were the best.  They know this river and never once did I feel that I was in harms way.  I always felt safe and they took time to make sure I was doing well, took an interest in why I'd taken the trip and overall made the trip a wonderful experience.  The trip is almost to hard to describe, the scenery is beyond belief, every curve in the river unveiled nature in her finest.  Ben and Kam (from Western River) talked to us about the formation of the canyon, explained the geology, flora, fauna and why and how the canyon changed with every mile we rafted.  I had a wonderful time getting to know my fellow rafters and we had a ball.  By the way, the food was wonderful and camping out is quite an experience.  It's something everyone can do and even though you might not sleep soundly every night, waking up to a clear star cluttered sky is worth every second of sleep you might miss.  Take the trip my friends - you will be so glad you did!

Sue - Houston, Texas
Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day
OverallRating: 5 stars

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