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This adventure should be on everyone’s Bucket List, no matter how adventuresome or squeamish one might be.


| July 30, 2010

Because our group was traveling a long way to get to the Canyon, we intentionally arrived 5 days early so as to take a side trip to see Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.  Las Vegas for us was of little interest.   If you should take this side trip, I would suggest you do Bryce first ... staying overnight at Bryce so that you can catch the early morning sun on the hoodoos.  Then then drive back down to Zion.  After doing Zion, stay in Springdale on the West side of the Park.  The night before you meet to take off for the Canyon, it is most accommodating to stay at the Desert Rose, the hotel recommended by Western River.  This is a fairly small hotel (no casino) by LV standards.   The price is right and the staff goes out of their way to make your stay there pleasant.  While we were on the river, they stored our bags and golf clubs for us.  After our return from the river, we also stayed another night at Desert Rose because it was just the easist thing to do and we all looked forward to taking a shower !!   The 3 day rafting trip through the Grand Canyon is a fabulous and very relaxing adventure.   Yes, it is camping out but in a real sense, it is camping out while someone else is doing all the work.  Our group consisted of two very large rafts each of which easily handled 14 'campers' and 2 guides.  This was my second time down the river and both trips were fabulous.  If one is concerned about the rapids, this issue is quickly dispelled half-way through the 1st rapids.   I would compare it to a good roller-coaster ride ... a lot of fun and you look forward to the next set of rapids.  Aside from the rapids, there are two issues on everyone's mind, both of which you quickly become accustomed to.   After all, for the time on the river, we are all one big family . One is the traveling (what my sister had called) 'thunder pot'.  After the 1st experience, it became just something that everyone had to do and no big deal.  As regards 'peeing' the biggest issue is getting in to the river ... oh, my God ... in front of everyone ... no less ... and sometimes continuing to carry on a conversation.   It was sufficiently warm that everyone used it as an excuse to get in the water and cool down.  Getting accustomed to the water temperature seemed to be a bigger adjustment that peeing in front of everyone !!  The guides go out of their way to make your time on the river a most memorable experience ... one where when you get home, you start telling your friends that this is something they have to do.  They comfortably took time to have interesting and meaningful conversation with each and every one on the trip.   Our group demographics went from about 13 to the mid 70s.  We had four teenagers under 18 as part of our group.  I must admit that in order to get my wife to sign-on, I first enticed her daughter and son and his wife to go with the offer that I would pay their way.  Once they were signed-on, I then asked my wife if she wanted to go.  She reluctantly agreed.  Having now completed the trip, she is now a full pledged member of the 'you gotta do this' group.   And yes, she did pee in the river in front of everyone !!   Scotch in hand !!  One strong recommendation.   If you should take this trip, be smart and take out the extra insurance.  It might be well worth it.  No one in our party was injured.  However, in another group, a lady had unfortunately fallen and had to be air lifted out by helicopter.  It turned out she had broken her femur.   Yes, she was injured and happened to be on the river, actually on shore at the time.  It was unfortunate but she could have just as easily tripped on a curb at home.   LH / Naples - Bonita Springs

Larry - Naples, FL
Grand Canyon Rafting 3 Day
OverallRating: 5 stars

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