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Un.Real. Absolutely Loved Our Experience


| May 24, 2017

Listen, I know you're probably worried about the bathroom situation, but don't! I have one of the weakest stomachs in the world and I made it 3 days/2 nights without issue! Moving on...

I had no idea what to expect. I'm a process/logistics person, so I fretted over all kinds of details. In hindsight, that was silly because Western River took care of EVERYTHING! Transportation was an absolute breeze; the tents and cots were nice; the food was unbelievably amazing (the bacon... the potatoes... the steak...); and the all-you-can-drink water and lemonade were a hit. The packing list (provided before arrival) was spot on. We used every piece we brought, and nothing more. Be warned: you will get wet. The "rain gear" isn't for the rain, it's for the rapids!

I also can't say enough about the guides. We had two boats, one captained by Shad (with first mate Jace), and our boat captained by Lutke (with first mate Justin). They guides were patient, kind, and full of knowledge. Jace also plays guitar, so he provided some great ambiance after dinner.

Between the personable guides, delicious food, gorgeous scenery, and plentiful adventure, I look forward to sleeping under the stars with Western River again in the future!

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