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| August 16, 2017

Our family of four received a last minute invitation to join a group of 24 family and friends who had been planning their Grand Canyon adventure for quite a while. We are so grateful to have been included. Though hotter than normal, the trip was fantastic! It was a once in a lifetime experience...floating the Colorado River while exploring the canyons, inlets, waterfalls and Native American relics...we were all so lucky for this adventure. Our guides - Corey, Jace, Stephanie and Parker - were smart, fun, skilled at so many things and all around awesome people who are passionate about the canyon and their work. When we left our 12-year old daughter cried for hours and was in a funk for a few days. Though we are back in civilization, the memories that we made those seven days in June will be with us forever. Unforgettable.

Colorado River Rafting

Grand Canyon - 6 or 7 Day Vacation
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