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Where are the words?


| June 24, 2010

"There aren’t words to describe it," the old expression goes.  Well, there used to be, but nowadays words like "awesome" and "incredible" are used to describe simple things like ice cream cones and circus rides.  What a pity.  So how does one describe the Grand Canyon from the ground up?  What words can we use to explain the thrills and chills of going through pounding whitewater rapids of the Colorado River -- sometimes backwards?  There are none.  You have to see it -- stare at the two-billion-year-old cliffs at eye level and try to embed the images in your memory bank for the rest of your life.

I waited 75 years to experience the thrills, chills and near-spills.  Better late than never, but I wish I had done it earlier.

Bill - Seattle, WA
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day

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