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Where will we take our son, age 11, for an encore?


| July 19, 2012

Our 4 day Grand Canyon river trip exceeded our expectations. This is the way to see the Grand Canyon and was quite an adventure for our family and several friends. The helicopter ride in to the canyon is just wonderful.

Western River is a very shrewd company that leaves no stone unturned in their quest to take care of its customers. Our guides RD, Amber, Martie and Sam were the right mix of being kind and servant like but also articulate and smart, the kind of folks who can do anything. It is a nice touch to send a lady guide to work with the women as they adjust to life on the river; a perfect example of thinking of everything. Sam is an Eagle Scout, which is noteworthy, and a sign of a company hiring people who you can trust your family with in any situation. And that is what you are looking for in a river guide. Likewise, all the guides were good with the 3 children in our group which was greatly appreciated.

This was unique vacation for our family. Our son John sat on the very front of the J Rig Raft for the entire trip and loved the excitement of the rapids! And yes, it was well worth the money. In fact, when John is a bit older we might just do the 7 day trip but the 4 day was just enough for mom!

Grant, Brandon, Mississippi
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting & Ranch 4 Day

Western River Rafting Trip
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