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Whitewater, Slot Canyons and Waterfalls


| October 26, 2016

This 6-day Grand Canyon rafting trip was great, exceptional, fabulous etc. One of the best trips ever. I liked the top of the Grand Canyon but LOVED the bottom. Big whitewater, gorgeous scenery, fabulous hikes, great waterfalls. Just superb.. I highly, highly recommend this trip to anyone who likes those things. You just need good knees for hiking and a willingness to do primitive camping.

The design of the rafts is great. I liked sitting up on the fingers where you feel the waves and get wet more often. The box seats are the best for photography and great views and the back of the raft is very stable for those less physically inclined or fearful of the water. The water is very cold, which worked out great in August when it is hot.

I slept in the tents with the doors wide open. There were no biting insects and tent ventilation was fine with the doors open.

I also really loved the side trips to some gorgeous slot canyons and waterfall.

Just a great trip.

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