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You Have to Do This!


| August 30, 2017

The trip was so well organized. We had a great stay at the Bar 10 Ranch; riding horses, shooting skeet, riding ATVs and the entertainment was great also. Then the helicopter ride to the base of the Grand Canyon was awesome. It was great to get to know the other guests and especially our guides Newty and Wiley. They fed us really well (I never expected shrimp cocktail).

Everything was well thought through. The tents were easy to set up as were the cots (after the second time). Newty was very informative about the geology and history of the canyon. I felt safe enough in their hands that I jumped off a rock ledge 20 feet high! I never thought I would do that. We had one small injury (twisted ankle) and they were super at getting her back down from the waterfalls to the boat and making sure she was OK.

I highly recommend this trip.

I will admit I was nervous about the bathroom situation. If you are having second thoughts because of that, DON"T worry its all OK. Just go. (no pun intended)

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