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A Trip For ALL Your Senses!


| May 19, 2016

I have wanted to raft the Grand Canyon since I was 14 years old. Flash forward several decades and this dream came true. The experience was everything I had hoped it would be and more. To be in the timelessness of the canyon is to touch eternity itself. The beauty of ageless canyon walls and rock formations that date back to the dawn of time give one a sense of the Creator in ways that are seldom experienced elsewhere. The river's twists and turns, calm and white water add to the question of "what lies around the bend?" felt with delicious anticipation.

Speaking of delicious, the food on this trip was incredible! I was amazed at the guides ability to put on a full course spread of culinary delights that restored the body and tickled the tastebuds! Our guides were culinary ninjas!

I also learned on this trip other dimensions of what I am capable of. I felt challenged physically, spiritually and emotionally in ways that will carry forward as I re-enter the "real world". Several friends that have taken this trip told me it was one of the most spiritual trips they have experienced. I would have to concur. Without the distraction of artificial light, electronics and sound, you are treated to the laughter of raft mates, the hum of the river and the amazing canopy of stars unhindered by city lights and street lamp posts. In this place it truly feels like you could touch the stars.

This trip was also in honor of my Mom. It was a trip we often talked about traveling together. Her life was to take another path and she passed on before we could make this trip. She made me promise to raft the Grand and to jump in if I had the chance. I did have the chance and almost chickened out, but the voice of our guide, Ronnie, broke through the cement that had become my legs and I took that glorious step in to....really cold, exhilarating water! Swimming in the Colorado after that jump will remain with me for a very long time. Happy tears, warm rocks and a feeling of peace..or maybe numbness? Ha! In either case, my heart felt very, very happy!

Our guides made the trip though. Ronnie and Jeff have a way of putting everyone at ease, They shared their love of this place through poems, history, music and food...did I mention how good the food was? They also gave us time to just be and explore. The right mix of hands on and hands off.

The thing that keeps most people off the river is the bathroom situation...but let me tell you from my experience as a somewhat inhibited person in that area, you have nothing to fear. By the end of three days, it simply doesn't matter, your body will take care of yourself and there is enough privacy to do what you need to do. Never have I been able to watch falling stars while taking care of business. I highly recommend it.

So, if you have ever wanted to go raft the Grand Canyon, I hope this blog will give you another snap shot of what an amazing experience this can be. Do it. And I couldn't recommend Western River Expeditions enough.

I plan on going again on the 7-day trip. Once you go, the canyon is etched in you forever.

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