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| July 19, 2017

In the past few years, I have been blessed to do some extensive traveling. I've been to London, Paris, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Costa Rica. I've seen some amazing sights, but this trip was the most amazing and most memorable trip, I have ever taken!

The scenery is magnificent! From the different rock formations, to the flowing waters, to the cactus that seem to grow anywhere they please, to the star filled night skies...this was definitely a "get-a-way" vacation!

The crew (Evan, Stephan, Lat and Newty), that took our group down river, were the best! Completely organized, professional, knowledgeable, friendly and a great team within themselves! They kept us informed of everything that was taking place, what to expect and what was expected of us! They entertained us and even gave us a pretty thorough history lesson about the first explorations of the Grand Canyon! Very impressive!

And...sorry guys, I have to say it....the food! The food was awesome!! Not your typical camping cuisine! I think I actually gained a couple of pounds! It was delicious!

Thank you for an amazing trip! I will be back!!

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