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| September 22, 2016

It is hard to describe the experience in simple words - 7 days of continual amazement and wonderment. Every bend in the river another panoramic feast. This was literally a trip of a lifetime, an opportunity to experience and feel the natural history and human history of the Grand Canyon like you could only dream to. To start with this foundation - the natural beauty and awesome venue, then add the expertise of the Company and guides...

Western River Expeditions was impeccable in attention to detail, in ensuring a world class rafting trip. There was nothing left to chance. The guides (Wiley and Mackay, Shad and Newt) were fabulous: informative, helpful, considerate, and knowledgeable. It was hard to sit and watch them prepare our meals without pitching in - but their system of setting up and taking down, cooking and cleaning was an orchestrated work of art. The food was fabulous.

Preparation for the trip simply means following their equipment list to the letter. It is complete. Blogs will debate the particulars, but honestly each person has their preferences. The weather dictates much of what is appropriate dress, so the packing list from Western Rivers is as about as complete and thorough as you can get. For example, I didn't wear gloves and did great. Others got skinned up from holding the rope without them. I thought the splash jacket was worth the purchase, but many did fine with rain gear.

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