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Amazing in Every Aspect


| November 8, 2016

Earth is an amazing home and this trip will give you a geological appreciation of it like no other. The archaeological history is fascinating as well; the grandeur of the Grand Canyon, its side canyons and feeder streams, evening thunder storms and accompanying electrical show, meeting and making new friends while taking the ride of a lifetime....truly, this is soul moving stuff!!

You had us so well prepared with excellent pre-trip information to aid in our packing - great stuff. Pick up was well organized as was flight to Marble Canyon to meet guides and transport to Lees Ferry to start trip. Our guides were first rate....PLUS! Expert navigators, historians, geologists, story tellers, chefs (way better than simply cooks), life guards (yeah, I became one of the rare 'swimmers' on this trip); so in short, the canyon trip was made all the better due to Evan, Cory, MP and Mickell. And if ever you need a 'squirrel' fished out of the toilet, Cory is your guy......!

We loved the side trips and hikes even though our week featured some exceedingly hot temps. The river - cold as it was - felt better as the week progressed. The menu was first rate; excellent fare and always more than you could want or need.

But to experience this trip with good friends as well as our new friends was best of all. We have already shared email addresses and I have little doubt that we will share ongoing contact in the years to come. The young people on our trip were fantastic and their boundless energy contagious.

The helicopter flight out of the canyon was a perfect ending to a truly perfect trip. Few showers have ever felt better than the one at the Bar 10 Ranch.

As I rapidly approach my 69th year, I can tell you this was the trip of a lifetime if you like adventure, water, sun, geology and history, great food and the amazing people who will guide you and the amazing people you will meet.

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