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An Amazing, Unique Adventure


| September 28, 2016

I just returned from my 4-day ranch and rafting trip and could not be happier with the experience.

Our boatmen (Justin and Ben), (and Kelly, Sam on the other raft) were accommodating, knowledgeable, incredibly hard working, fun, safe, respectful of our surroundings and all around wonderful. They prepared our meals (which were really terrific) with care. I don't think any of us expected breakfasts cooked to order, hors d'ouerves, and freshly baked desserts! The food was delicious and plentiful. They truly aimed to please and to make all of us feel comfortable all of the time. I felt like they completely enjoy the river, and wanted to share their appreciation for this miraculous place with all of us.

I would also like to complement the BAR TEN Ranch and crew. Again, they shared their respect for the canyon. They taught us much and kept us busy (horseback riding, ATV's, skeet shooting, touring the old ranch, good food, and a fun show). Like the boatmen, they made us feel like welcomed guests in their world. There was always a smile, a joke, and the true sense that they wanted to be there as much as we did.

Thank you for providing an unforgettable experience for myself, my husband, my sons (15 and 25), my cousin and my friends. We were a group of 11. All I can say is "WOW"! (And we may be back to do the six days and complete the ride!)

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