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Best Adventure Vacation EVER!


| April 3, 2018

There are not enough superlatives in the English language to express how much fun this Grand Canyon vacation was.

Sure, we were hot during the day, cold when it rained, covered in sand always, but that's part of the adventure. Those small moments of discomfort were more than made up for by the constantly changing, epic panoramic that is the Grand Canyon; the rush of adrenaline as we bucked through the rapids; seeing such a wide and glorious array of wildlife. We saw big horn sheep on many occasions, condors, bald eagles, hawks, Peregrine falcons, and Great Blue Herons.

As visually appealing as the trip was, the camaraderie we shared with the other passengers and with the AMAZING crew was the highlight of the trip. Simply put the crew was the Best. Ever. They were enormously knowledgeable about all aspects of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon: geology, archaeological record, history of river expeditions and river lore. The food they prepared for the tired and hungry passengers each day was - amazing. What came out of their dutch ovens, grills and skillets was magical. Hundreds of miles from civilization and we were eating meals that could have been served in a fine restaurant. (I still think there must have been magic involved!)

The crew went out of their way each and every day to make sure that every passenger was having a good time. Safety was stressed always, but so was having fun and being adventurous! If you are looking for a unique vacation that will challenge you physically but enrich you mentally and emotionally - this is it.

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