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Best Vacation Ever! Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting


| June 24, 2019

After hiking the Grand Canyon from rim to rim last year, we thought we truly understood the beauty of the canyon. Last week we learned that the majesty and grandeur of the Grand Canyon is best appreciated from the viewpoint of a raft on the Colorado River. The incredible beauty of that canyon as seen from the river is undeniable and incomparable to anything else in the world.

In combination with the location, the thing that made this vacation the best one ever was the fact that it was provided by Western River Expeditions. This company goes above and beyond in every way to provide an unforgettable, 5-star river rafting experience. Our river guides (Wiley, Ben, Steph and Marc) were off the chart AMAZING in their river rafting skills, knowledge of the Grand Canyon and ability to entertain (and when necessary, rescue!). The collective experience of the river guides made it easy to feel comfortable entrusting our lives to their care as we crashed through rapid after rapid from Lee's Ferry to Separation Point. The Western River guides put our safety first and were always direct in explaining what we needed to do to avoid dangerous situations. It was immediately obvious that they knew what they were doing and LOVE what they do. They made us feel like family (which is how they treated each other) and waited on us hand and foot to provide a truly relaxing vacation experience.

Riding the rapids was an indescribable, exhilarating experience! Lots of WOW factor going on there! The food was delicious and plentiful. The hikes and other expeditions were mind-blowing and so much fun! The camping equipment was clean and user-friendly and the entire operation of setting up and taking down camp each day was so well organized, it made every aspect of the camping experience easy and delightful. The lack of cell phone service makes this trip extra special because you simply cannot wear your work hat, your parent hat, or any other hat from your regular life. You just get to be you. It's the closest we've come to feeling like kids since we were kids! Who else gets to eat a giant-sized candy bar in the middle of the day while cruising the Colorado on a river raft? Who else gets to spend their days hiking and swimming, be provided three meals a day, play games until well after dark and sleep under the stars? We felt giddy with freedom and completely saturated with the beauty of the breath-taking scenery.

The helicopter flight to the Bar 10 Ranch at the end of the trip was also a special treat, and the plane ride back to Marble Canyon provided more opportunities to soak in the beauty of the area. We can't think of any way this vacation could have been better and will forever feel indebted to Wiley, Ben, Steph and Marc for everything they did to make this week so memorable and perfect in every way. Thank you Western River! We would raft with you again and again and again and again!

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