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Best White Water Rafting


| June 26, 2019

I had researched this rafting trip for years before going and thought I knew full well what to expect. My expectations were far exceeded! The scenery, being outdoors for 6 days and nights straight, no cell phones, the excitement of the rapids and splash of the water, was all so great. It was fantastic to see 28 complete strangers grow to be a close family in just a few days.

The real highlight of the trip was our guides, Lucky, Paco, MP and Newty. These people took such good care of us and made us feel safe, they fed us well and entertained us too.

I chose the picture not for the scenery, there will be many of them. My picture is of our guide Craig (Lucky). This picture represents the nature and embodiment of our journey, Old Glory waving in the breeze representing our great country, the Grand Canyon representing our journey, and the responsibility for all our safety in Lucky's face.

This was a fantastic adventure and if you ever have the chance to go, don't let it slip by. I call this trip, breathtaking, magical, surreal, daring and adventurous.

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