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| July 24, 2012

Wow, I have been riding a wave of excitement ever since returning home to my sedentary job and my sand-free bed! My husband, David, and I were on the 6 day Grand Canyon trip that left July 10, 2012. My biggest concerns before we left home were definitely the rapids (getting tossed out of the boat) and the bathroom situation in the canyon. With the help of our fantastically skilled and entertaining guides, we were prepared and learned everything we needed to know. People planning this trip in the future will be happy to know that there are choices and options with the rapids and the hiking, so that everyone can participate at their own comfort level. A few things really impressed me. First, the team of guides worked so well together and had a ton of fun with the guests and with each other - they were a pleasure to be with. Second, the guests were so interesting and came from all walks of life. And all ages. The seniors on our trip ROCKED! The gourmet food was another thing to behold. It seemed like magic every time another delicious meal was prepared from supplies on a raft in the middle of nowhere! When my friends and family look at my photos and video, they just can't believe we did such a cool trip! Thanks again to our fantastic guides, Ronnie and her team. Way to go Western River! We look forward to promoting your company with pleasure! We will be sending many more Canadians your way. As we say on the big ones, "yee haw"!

Suzy, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day

Western River Rafting Trip
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