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“Bucket List!”


| June 30, 2016

I just returned from an incredible white water rafting experience (May 25-30, 2016).

I have hiked from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to Phantom Ranch twice and also did North/South Rim to Rim hike. I have also, hiked twice down to Havasupai. After all the hiking, THE RIVER WAS CALLING!

The rafting trip brought me full circle in the Grand Canyon. The physical, emotional, spiritual feelings will be with me forever!

Fortunately, I arrived at Marble Canyon the day before and had an opportunity to go down to Lee's Ferry landing and WATCH our crew in action. Assembling the rafts/gear/food, etc. etc. An amazing operation. Our crew worked BEFORE and AFTER our trip. All of their organizing from the warehouse to the river allowed me to have an incredible river experience. Thank you to Corey, Newt, Evan and Skinny!The CREW continually provided the best river rafting experience for all of the rafters.

I am NOT a camper but with great support from fellow rafters and crew I was successful.

The extra hikes to wonderful water falls and sites added even more to the trip.

The food was outstanding!!

I would like to THANK my hiking friends from Silveridge (Glenn, Annette, Joe, Cheryl and Terry) for sharing this Bucket List adventure with me.

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