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| August 16, 2017

Western River Expeditions really took care of everything! From the pick up, the flight to the Bar 10, horseback riding, ATV rides, skeet shooting, helicopter trip to the river, the capable rafts, meals, drinks, hikes, jet boat ride and to the trip back to Las Vegas, not a single detail was overlooked.

The real story is the guides however. These men work very hard for the whole trip and remain immensely likable, and are incredibly knowledgeable, downright funny (bathroom discussions!), experienced rafts-men and even superb cooks! Joe, Evan, Jace and Curt were so earnest and friendly and made us all feel at ease immediately. They were experts not only about the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River but of geology, plate tectonics, climate change and ecology. Most importantly, and what pointedly makes the trip, is how generous they are with their time, knowledge and personal details of their life and passion for the Colorado River and Grand Canyon. You have hired some of the most capable but humble people I have ever met. Kudos for finding and keeping these folks as employees. They (and the Canyon of course) made the trip the epic it was! Hope to see them for the 6-day trip someday!

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