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Everything Went Like Clockwork


| September 11, 2017

I had concerns doing a 6 day rafting trip. I hadn't camped in 20+ years and had only done one couple of short day trip floats. The crew on the boats made this trip exceptional. They were extremely knowledgable about the river, about group dynamics and they were fantastic cooks!

Everything went like clock work. We had eggs benedict for breakfast the last morning, other mornings we had eggs to order, bagels, toast, fruit, french toast, yogurt. For lunches there was always a selection of sandwich meats and breads or tortillas to make into wraps. Dinners consisted of chicken sate, fresh trout, spaghetti with marinara sauce, New York strip steaks, and pork chops. Desserts ranged from chocolate cake to flambe and ice cream one night. Snacks were available and there was always plenty of water and lemonade.

The guides told great stories of prior river floats and the history. We stopped to view wildlife on the shores, including a couple of Rams that were thinking of fighting over their ladies. Someone spotted a Roadrunner bird. The day hikes were exceptional. We saw waterfalls, played (or as they called it "frolicked" in the pool formations in various canyons and overall had a great time getting off the boat and stretching our legs and enlightening our minds.

Sunday there was a non-denominational service offered where interested campers went off with a guide to worship. I wouldn't have thought about that as an added benefit - wow - every angle covered.

The setting up and tearing down of camp each evening and following morning went so smoothly. A fire chain was made by all who could participate to get the bags, tents, cots and other supplies up and down the beaches.

This company has made a fine art out of river rafting and I can't imagine another company doing any better than this.

Thank you for fulfilling a bucket list item for my husband and I.

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