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Exceeded Every Expectation and Desire…


| November 8, 2016

I have wanted to take this trip since 1977 and just got around to it. Obviously, I was very excited 40 years later to finally be in preparation to go. From the time I arrived at the Las Vegas Marriott, to the end of the trip coming back to the hotel 6 days later, I observed a company extraodinarily concerned about my happiness with my was very refreshing and appreciated.

Our captain Evan and the other guides, Stephanie, Johnny, and Parker were efficient, fun, helpful, friendly, talented, knowledgable and shared a positive attitude that couldn't help but permeate though the whole group. This trip was near the end of the rafting season so, I'm sure the guides were exhausted by now and it would have been much easier for them to go though the motions and just phone-it-in but, they performed their job with the enthusiasm of the first trip of the year. I can honestly say this is one of the most fulfilling trips/vacations I have taken in my 59 years and exceeded every hope and expectations I could have imagined.

Thank you Western River Expeditions for running a company with a discipline of service that seems to have been lost to many others. I co-host a weekly Health Talk radio show called the "Dr. Mitch Show" that anyone can listen to on-line or get the app on Sundays 3-5pm EST. We have about 50,000 listeners and I will definitely make sure they know my feelings about my experience and the quality of Western River Expeditions...thank you for making my dream trip an spectacular fantasy.

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