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Expedition on a Western River (a poem)


| October 18, 2018

We will spend days together

Share stories




Togas, tuxes, tails


Rapids, water, injuries, smiles, swampers, team leads, groovers

Boats and jokes

On our floating RV

Our backgrounds as diverse as the flora and landscape we see

A pilot, a poet, a play write, a producer, a PT, an OT, a photographer, an actor, a coach, an oil and gas retiree, an engineer, an air traffic controller, a flight attendant, a hospital pharmacist, a hospice worker, a stock broker, a financial advisor, a wealth manager, non-profit workers, a lacrosse star, a ski instructor, a ski patroller, a property manager, a restauranteaur, an evolutionary biologist.

All thrown together on one river, on one boat

But all these titles, only will ever describe what they do

Not who they are.

Only 26,000 other people

Will share a similar event

In any given year

It will take 40 years

For 1 million people

To replicate our experience

Yet we are the only ones

The fortunate ones

We special few

1 boat

13 people at a time

Boat by boat

Story by story

Will drip through this canyon

Light up their lives

For a flicker of a moment

Then move along

To the next moment

And the next set of experiences

As they flit in front of us.

At at the end of this time together

We realize, as deep as we got in the canyon

We will never really know each other

We will know the stories

The descriptions

But not each other

For that would take a lifetime

And we have but 7 days.

Drink deep the days

Stories and swelling rapids



And let go

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