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An Experience to Literally “Tell the Grandchildren About “


| August 16, 2016

An experience to literally "tell the grandchildren about". I'm sure I won't forget it for a very long time - even though I'm 66 and have grandkids already!

To give you an idea of how exciting and enjoyable the whole thing is:- on Day 2 we all 34 of us went for a swim in lifejackets off the raft with "packets of crisps" being thrown to us all to munch while the current carried us along. I forgot that my mobile iPhone was in my pocket. Hey! So no photos for me but those with cameras and Go-phones were uploading and a few days after the trip I have a bundle of videos and pictures from fellow rafters.

So I begin to dry my phone out with rice in a Ziplock overnight

Guess what happened on Day 3?

I almost dare not relate in case it is evidence for a mental health section!

I guess I was enjoying it all so much. I was going to transfer the phone to my day dry bag after breakfast, yes you've guessed / I did it again!

The phone will forever be a memory of a truly wonderful trip (and mark the onset of senility)

I think for me it ranks up there with my best holiday ever - which was aged 17 climbing in the Alps (well trekking actually up the Finsterarrhorn to 14500')- those were the days of no mobile phones and 24 photos on a Kodak reel to last 3 weeks! I only lost weight on that trip!

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