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Grandest Canyon Experience!


| August 17, 2018

It had been ages since I had been to the Grand Canyon and a rafting trip thru the canyon has been on my bucket list. My inspiration for going this year was seeing a presentation by a couple of guys who did an epic hike of the entire canyon.

I can honestly say that this trip ranks among the best trips I’ve ever taken. The scenery, geology, geography, history, flora/fauna and more was absolutely sublime. Each day was packed with fun, adventure, and relaxation but, the most important part of the trip was the people. We just connected and became a family almost immediately including our guides, RD and Sam (aka “Samuri”). “Samuri” took very good care of us by making sure we had a fabulous but safe trip; they also shared a lot about the Grand Canyon itself every day. A Five Star trip for sure…I’d absolutely go again!!

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