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If You Can’t Do It Yourself – This Is Not The Rafting Trip For You


| November 7, 2012

Loved this rafting trip experience. Not for the "faint of heart". If you are not independent, try a Grand Canyon 3 day experience first before moving on to a longer 7 day adventure. I learned a lot about myself and would recommend this trip to everyone. And when they say "if you cannot climb on your kitchen table don't go on this", they mean it.  Expect wonderful food, you will not lose weight on this expedition.  The most amazing scenery and guides that know what they are doing even if you don't. They will keep you safe and show you amazing things.  And yes, you do set up your own camp!!!  I have met the most fun and supportive 16 people ever. This is now one more item to cross off my Bucket List. Hope the rest of my list will go this smoothly. Thank you Wiley and Johnny for the experience.

Kathy - CA
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day

Western River Rafting Trip
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