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| August 8, 2014

10/10 in fun rating. Fantastic, entertaining guides. Crystal clear, warm river, lots of wildlife. Witnessing a bald eagle scoop up a fish right in front of us was an unforgettable moment. Delicious food, comfortable, scenic, camp sites. Hard working guides, always offering to help us. Made lasting friendships. Saw youthful guides as mature beyond their years. Discovered that we really could paddle through Black Creek and Vinegar Rapids successfully, and could also get flipped out of Duckie in Dried Meat rapids, but enjoyed the whole experience, regardless. Trip to Main Salmon$$ Travel package$ Flight from Buffalo to Boise$ Cessna over mountains and conquering class 4 waves in Duckie: Priceless!! Jacquie - Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada Idaho - Main Salmon River Trip
Western River Rafting Trip
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Main Salmon River Rafting Trip

Main Salmon Rafting Trip

The "River of No Return" boasts dense pine forests, granite mountains and abundant wildlife.

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