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Life Changing


| September 22, 2017

If you are considering taking a trip down the Grand Canyon, stop now and just book it. This is a life-altering, life changing experience and Western River far exceeded our expectations in every way possible.

The trip itself is not easy but it shouldn't be. Yet we had teenagers up to a 73 year old on our trip and all did great. Whatever minor struggles we had were well worth the majesty that is the Grand Canyon seen from river level, something a scant few have ever or will ever experience. No words or even pictures can really describe the beauty of the canyon or how amazing the side hikes through slot canyons were. We swam in turquoise colored pools, jumped off 20 foot high rocks and sat under 30 foot waterfalls. This is something you must do in your lifetime.

And I cannot say enough about how great Western River was from start to finish. From the back office staff of Sandy and team to the guides: Kiefer, Scotty and "Mackey." All of them outstanding. The food was amazing, especially for camp food as we had eggs benedict, New York strip, you name it.

Lastly, I wanted to call out one person in particular who made our trip spectacular: Lucky (aka Lutke?) He was our trip leader and he was professional, courteous, entertaining and very safety conscious. I cannot say enough good things about him. Since I am sure the Western River folks will read this, I hope you know what an incredible business asset you have with him as most of our 26 people want to book again in large part due to Lucky. The trip would have been amazing either way but having him onboard took this trip to a whole other level.

This is not a rafting trip although white water rafting is certainly a huge part of it. You will be tested but you will rise to the occasion and in doing so, expand your belief in yourself. And your other reward will be a mind-altering adventure through some of the most beautiful country there is on Earth.

Seriously, book now. And there is a chance I'll be there with you as I cannot wait to do it again!

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