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Life Changing!


| August 15, 2014

The Grand Canyon 3 day trip was an adventure of a lifetime. I hadn't looked at any photos or videos in advance. I wanted to be blown away. The stunning canyon experience was equaled by the excitement of rafting the white water and camping under the stars.

Our guides (Cory, Mark, Nick and Lat) were incredibly kind, funny, interesting, professional and supportive.
Their guidance helped me to trust that I was strong enough and brave enough to sit at the front of the raft, jump off the cliff, climb up to the incredibly stunning travertine grotto/waterfall and sleep under the stars.

Next there was the food, music and interesting history and lore of the canyon. Lets just say that I am going to be on salads for a while!!!!! Food was exquisite and the music was incredible. By the way, the history of rafters concurring the canyon in heaving wooden boats is beyond interesting.

Enough said. This trip is a must!!!!!!!

Kathy - ND
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 3 Day

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