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Life-Changing, Unforgettable Experience with Nature


| July 28, 2017

Greg "Newty" Newton and his crew (Johnnie, Justin and Emily) were simply rock stars. Great cooks, efficient, knowledgeable and speedy guides. Their knowledge about the canyon and its stories added so much fun to the rides. Their energy and constant perky mood made it seem like what they do is easy and it's not.

I can't believe the kind of food they were able to make! Emily baked a real cake! and it was good! They are on top of everything, every single detail. Johnnie is such a sweetheart. Newty is such a funny person, and a great leader. Justin is a walking encyclopedia. You will not regret going on this trip. I promise you. I don't know how much these folks get paid, but I will tell you this.. they are not doing it for the money. They love what they do, and it shows! Please highly consider leaving them a good tip. They have earned it! We miss you guys!!!

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