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Life Changing


| August 15, 2016

From the very beginning we received information From Western Expeditions that was timely and helpful. We scheduled almost a year out. Actually this was helpful in planning our trip to get to Oregon, and making sure we had all of the clothing and additional items we might need for the trip.

We stayed at Morrison Lodge both coming and going they were so accommodating and it made our trip so easy.

The real value of this trip is with the guides who are seasoned guides and well versed in the history of this scenic wild River and constantly looking after your safety. It is critical that with four days on the river that you disclose all medical issues to your guide. This is trip into the wilderness not a ride at Disneyland.

The one piece of the trip that can be improved is the arrival process before the trip begins. Western Expeditions is not the actual company doing the trip. It is a sister company of "ROW". When we arrived at Morrison we kept saying Western Expeditions and they did not have that company on the list. Also, it would have been nice to have a summary sheet that outlines what happens 24 hours before you go in the water.

There is no experience like the Rogue River. It is Life Altering and it will leave you with something that can not be explained but will bring you Joy.

Rogue River Lodge to Lodge Trip

Oregon - Rogue River Trip
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Rogue River Lodge to Lodge Trip

Rogue River Lodge to Lodge Trip

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