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Marvelous Rafting Trip, It Exceeded My Expectations.


| October 6, 2015

A rafting trip is a great way to see and experience the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. The J-Rig Boat (5 bridge pontoons strapped together) provides for riding experiences from the Princess Lounge in the middle of boat where one can lay out in relative comfort and take in the Grand Canyon walls to setting high up on a bench to taking both the river and the canyon to straddling the pontoons for the biggest ride and maximum river contact. I can't say enough about the overall experience, but two things you can't pick are the weather (ours was unbeatable) and your guides (also unbeatable).  We had about 30 years of river experience between our two guides and it showed in all the positive ways. We have had many guided trips and we know how important the guide is to the overall experience. With RD and Shad we could have had a different experience but doubt we could have had better. Highly recommended for all age groups.   See the 6-7 Day Grand Canyon Vacation
Grand Canyon - 6 or 7 Day Vacation
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