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| July 20, 2016

I recommend this trip and this company highly. Everything went pretty much by the numbers, from being picked up at the hotel in Las Vegas to the return to that same hotel. The bus ride to the airport was great, eating the supplied breakfast along the way. As it happened, we met one of our guides on the bus, and she gave us a hint of what we could expect from the guides. Then a flight in a De Havilland Twin Otter, up to the Bar 10 Ranch over some awesome scenery. Then a helicopter ride down into the Grand Canyon, swooping down to the Colorado River, again over more of that scenery.

Then an intro to the rest of the guide team, an intro to the supplied gear, and then onto the rafts and out onto the river and through some more of that great scenery. Camp the first night was a learning experience for most/all of us, but the guides coached us well while they also whipped up a dinner fit for rafting the majestic Colorado. Breakfast the next morning was way more than expected, then back onto the rafts for some mileage down the river and through a bunch of rapids. Stopped for lunch, again whipped up by the guides, and a stop for some swimming and jumping off a high rock. Refreshing, as well as an opportunity to clean up! Camp that night was easier because now we were experienced, and again a dinner starting with shrimp, and steak was the main course, with lots of extras, and freshly made cake for dessert!

The next morning was bittersweet - another set of rapids, a couple of them pretty big, but then we were off the rafts and into jet boat for the last couple of miles to our take-out point. Into a bus, then another bus and a quick stop to get our huge box lunches, then back to the hotel.

Melissa, Travis, Justin and Lat, thanks for the experience of a lifetime, so far. We will be back, next time for a longer run!

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