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| July 29, 2011

"For the past 24 years I've lived for somebody else - my kids. And now that they're grown, it's time I start living for myself."

That's what I told myself in January of this year. So when trying to decide where and what I was going to do, the only thing I knew was I wanted adventure, excitement and a bit of a challenge. So I chose a 6 day Grand Canyon Rafting trip.

To add to this adventure, I decided to go alone. I truly wanted to be lost from the world. I wanted to turn off my brain from all the day to day worries and stresses – everything that had built up inside me for the past decades. And how better to add to the adventure, excitement and challenge factor than to undertake this alone?

Not only did I find adventure, excitement and challenge, I found new found friends, that thanks to the interne,t I will always be in touch with. But more importantly I found peace. Peace of mind that I was never alone when needing help or someone to talk to and more importantly, peace of spirit. I don’t think anything else in this world could ground me more than sitting on a boulder in the middle of the rapids, sun shining on my face with only the sound of the water rushing by. I just closed my eyes and listened. Not once did I think of the world outside of the canyon. It is this memory on the last day of my trip (along with some other memories) that I will always remember and tap into when the outside world becomes too much. Thank you Western River. Thank you Newman and especially thank you Wiley. You will forever be in my heart! 

Sam - Michigan
Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day
5 stars
Western River Rafting Trip
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