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This Rafting Trip was a Dream Come True!


| May 4, 2018

When I first brought up the idea of taking a family river rafting trip in the Grand Canyon, my wife said she was interested but would not hike down to the river or back out to the rim. So, I started looking into our available options. When I found a company that had a three-day trip with a helicopter ride into the canyon, she was excited. The shorter trip also worked for the rest of the family, who all worked. Western River Expeditions had everything I was looking for in a river rafting company. So, we booked the trip and everyone had a wonderful time. Our guides were experienced and knowledgeable of the river, along with the history and geology of the Grand Canyon. They also made some great meals. We are looking forward to future river trips with Western River Expeditions.

See the 3-Day Grand Canyon River Trip

Grand Canyon - 3 Day River Trip
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