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Terrific, Everything I Had Hoped For!


| November 8, 2016

I had rafted previously on the Main Fork of the Salmon River, and three times through Snake River in Hell's Canyon as well as several smaller rivers. So I had been wet and I had left the raft. This trip was at the top of my list in fact I can't imagine what will top it. I wanted some thrills but I really wanted to enjoy the beauty of the Grand Canyon and I was not at all disappointed. It always is a pleasant surprise when strangers come together during an adventure such as this. We had good people, good food, and great guides. I went with my brother, we had gone through the Snake River in Hell's Canyon together 20 years ago, and were both psyched to do it. I do not have the words to describe the beauty of the Grand Canyon from river level and pictures will not do it justice.

The guides worked very hard, cooked well and dealt with some adversity all while being totally professional which is not easy when there are so many different personalities, ages (13-81) and attitudes (a few may not have wanted to be there when we started). Side trips were great, entertainment was great (we had 2 concerts and a solo at Redwall cavern).

I would recommend this trip to anyone. This was a great trip and I plan on going again!

It was wonderful!

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