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The Grand Adventure


| September 5, 2013

Highlights from our Grand Adventure in the Grand Canyon:
Helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon, Pumpkin Springs and jumping off the cliff, climb to the Travertine Grotto waterfall and the waterfall itself, the whitewater rapids, the food, the Western River guides (Thanks Wylie, Wren, Lane & Andrew) and the scenery!

Advice/Words of Wisdom
Essential items to bring on the trip: waterproof camera (I had a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS20), hat with under the chin holder and sunglasses with holder, sturdy water shoes you can hike in (I had closed-toed Keens), lots and lots of sunscreen (we ran out!), lotion (your skin gets very dry), lip balm, SPF 50 long sleeve shirt and/or safari type long sleeve shirt (both from Red Rock Outfitters ~ they saved us the second day after my son got heat stroke), gloves to protect your knuckles when you are holding on in the front, water bottle with carabiner to attach to the raft for easy access, headlamp for night visits to the bathroom, waterproof River Guide Book, Ibuprofen (I got 2 migraines, plus we used it for a multitude of aches and pains), rain suit (we never used ours, but if it rains or the air is cooler in the morning it could be a lifesaver).

1. Remember to sit up in the front of the "J" rig (and suck rubber) on a rapid at least once.
2. Make sure you get in the water to cool your body temp down (my 19 year old got heat stroke because he didn't - no fun!)
3. Deodorant works of wasp stings!
4. Women lose your vanity and just get in and smile!
5. Take lots of pictures (consider getting a GoPro cam to mount on your head for riding the rapids videos...I wished I had one)!

We had 11 family members on this trip...what a way to bond!  It truly is a trip of a lifetime!  Enjoy!

Beth - Michigan
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 3 Day

Western River Rafting Trip
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